Naas Holistic and Wellness Centre

Access Bars Therapy

Access Bars Therapy is a form of energy therapy that involves gentle touch on specific points on the head. This therapy aims to clear blockages in the body’s energy centers, promoting relaxation, release of stress, and improved mental clarity.

Access Bars Therapy may help individuals to release negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, promote deeper sleep, and reduce anxiety and depression. The therapy aims to promote greater self-awareness, personal growth, and transformation.

Our Practitioners

Some of our practitioners may specialise in a specific area of therapy.

Abi Beri

Energy Healing | Reiki | Counselling

Bio Energy Healing Integrated Energy Therapy Reiki Angel Healing Rahanni Celestial Healing Access Bars Therapy Emotional Freedom Technique Family Constellations Spiritual Counselling

Tawasul Magzoub


Sound healing and sound bath practitioner, Access bars, Body process practitioner and Facilitator, Rahanni Healing, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Shamanic practitioner

Marie Gillick

Psychotherapist | Life Coach

NLP and Emotional Clearing Practioner