Naas Holistic and Wellness Centre

Abi Beri

Please contact Abi directly for an appointment

I am Abi Beri, a seasoned Integrative Holistic Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and Wellness Consultant practising in Ireland. My commitment to this path is deeply personal, stemming from a transformative journey through which I navigated and overcame my own challenges.

I have witnessed the power of resilience and the importance of addressing energetic imbalances to reclaim health and vitality.

In my practice, I offer a nurturing space where I use various gentle healing techniques to help my clients find balance and peace. My approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, providing support and upliftment to anyone seeking to enhance their overall well-being. I am also enriching my skill set through a Counselling and Psychotherapy MSc program at the IICP College, which supports my holistic approach to client well-being.

My services include personalised sessions for:

– Family Constellations
– Access Bars Therapy
– Somatic Therapy
– Angelic Energy Healing
– Angelic Reiki
– Bio-Energy Healing
– Family Constellation
– Spiritual Counselling
– Rahanni Celestial Healing
– Reiki
– Integrative Somatic Therapy

Furthermore, I offer courses to empower others in their self-healing paths, including:

– Healing Angels Introduction Courses
– IET Basic Level 1 (Angel Healing) Course
– Rahanni Practitioner Courses

I am committed to assisting you on your journey toward wellness and eagerly await the chance to contribute to your highest good.