Naas Holistic and Wellness Centre

Sabine Florian

Please contact Sabine directly for an appointment

TaiChi & Gong Teacher, Sound therapist, Energy healer

Available therapies or classes:

One to one sound therapy with Tibetan Bowls: will allow you to reset your central nervous system, a real treat for your mind, body and spirit.

Tailored TaiChi & QiGong class: regain balance, transform stress into vitality, increase your level of energy. Also called mindfulness in motion a good alternative to meditation. A life changing experience.

Energy healing (Rahanni): hands on healing technique, will rebalance your energy in your body in a very deep but gentle way.

Sabine is a qualified Infinite TaiChi and QiGong teacher, certified Rahanni energy healer and sound therapist. She has been actively practicing and teaching energy arts (TaiChi,QiGong) and also practiced sound therapy around Naas. To her everything is energy; the focus of her teaching and therapies is to move the energy in the body, to bring more balance and awareness in the life of her clients and students. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her.