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Kelly Hudson

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Kelly Hudson, MA, LMT

Postural Restoration, Holistic Massage, Shamanic Healing and Trauma Integration

I passionately specialise in rehabilitation from chronic physical pain, as well as anxiety, trauma, and stress-related patterns. I have a special interest in addiction, as well as cases of “mystery” or idiopathic pain or illness (there is always a reason). 
I take the whole system into account in my approach to breaking free from patterns of suffering. I carefully selected to train with the leading experts in the fields of movement therapy (PRI), trauma (Trauma Research Foundation), and energetics (traditional Celtic and Mayan Shamanism) to acquire the tools to tend to mind, body and soul. 

What is Postural Restoration?

I found the Postural Restoration Institute 8 years into trying to understand my own chronic, right-sided pain; it changed my life.
Through my advanced training with the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska, I have gained a profound understanding of and appreciation for the natural asymmetries of the human body (larger, stronger right diaphragm, left hemispheric dominance of the brain, etc.) and how our systems adapt and lock us into predictable, one-sided patterns in an attempt to keep us safe. There is an optimal way to move as human beings with two sides, and when we stay stuck in one-sided and sedentary patterns for too long, we experience chronic pain and neurological and nervous system dysfunction. 
There is always a reason for these patterns, for example, occlusion (teeth), vision, foot pressure and, most commonly, stress. The good news is, when we understand what these patterns are telling us, we can give the system what it’s asking for and create new patterns that allow us to feel both safe and free. 
I work with a limited number of clients so every individual receives the dedication they deserve as we investigate the root cause of the problem. Together we find what combination of healing modalities (from Holistic Massage to Postural Restoration to Shamanic Healing) makes the most sense for you and your specific needs.